Computer Vision Simplified


Applying computer vision to your unique business problems is as easy as using a simple REST API. We provide a complete service that takes your project from the inception phase to a fully mature model deployed in a scalable production environment. We employ state-of-the-art advancements in deep learning and artificial intelligence along with the latest data labeling and infrastructure deployment tools to provide high quality, hands-off solutions. Even in deployment, our models are continually improved to become more robust and generalizable.


Focus on using aI to innovate

Leave the burden of AI operations to us


Data Management

A critical part of every machine learning project is the data. We manage the storage of raw data and metadata and work with labeling partners to create high quality training and evaluation sets.


Model DEvelopment

We have extensive experience training deep learning models for computer vision. Our scientists select the right architecture for your problem and make the necessary modifications to achieve high accuracy.


Scalable Deployment

Our models are deployed in a robust cloud environment that supports dynamic load balancing and data collection for continual model improvements. We also support on-premise and mobile deployments.

How Can Computer Vision Help Your Business?


It can be difficult to imagine how computer vision might add value to your company. A good place to start is to identify any existing part of the business where images or video are regularly collected. Perhaps there are some insights to be extracted from these. Alternatively, if your employees are already laboring over this imagery, computer vision may be able to make that process more efficient and accurate. Beyond areas where imagery is already being collected, it is useful to consider examples where employees are performing repetitive visual tasks such as monitoring a production line for defects or counting and recording inventory. It could be that installing cameras in key locations or building a smartphone app to augment the employees would lead to dramatic cost savings. In some cases, the visual data is so complex or the amount of data is so vast that it is currently being ignored because it is not cost effective for people to wade through the data. Computer vision is usually able to overcome these sorts of limitations.




Extracting insights from images across a range of medical domains such as histopathology, dermatology, radiology, and pharmacology. Help medical professionals make a better diagnosis or lead researchers to a more complete understanding of biological systems.



Obtain a deeper grasp on how consumers interact with a retail space. Use existing cameras to track their movements and capture statistics on which areas see the most traffic. Use computer vision empowered smartphone apps to monitor stock and confirm product layout.



Monitor the growth and health of crops, identify problematic regions earlier, optimize harvests. Computer vision combined with a system of cameras or drones that capture imagery across a farm offers the potential for a more holistic and detailed analysis of agricultural operations.

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Standard Project Trajectory


1. Problem exploration with Wilder AI expert


2. Project proposal and pricing plan


3. Customer delivers relevant data


4. Wilder AI performs data annotation, model R&D and deployment


5. Customer obtains image insights through simple API


6. Customer uses these insights to make their product super awesome


Wilder AI helped Flyreel lay the foundation as one of the leading computer vision providers in our industry. Working in-tandem with their team, we benefited from top-tier leadership around data pipeline assembly as well as strategic and operational support developing our proprietary object detection models to master our unique use case.
— Cole Winans, CEO Flyreel, Inc.

The 21st Century Utility


Just as the advent of electricity in the late 1800s brought power to the devices we interact with, artificial intelligence will bring smarts to the technological world around us. We view AI as a utility that businesses can use to improve the efficiency, quality, and experience of the products and services they provide. Most businesses don't own a power plant to generate their electricity. Similarly, most don't need to develop and support the AI they use. At Wilder AI, we leverage our talent and depth of experience to help each of our customers plug in to the 21st century utility.



Trusted By

Wilder AI was able to effortlessly collaborate with our pathologists to understand the subtleties of our problem and quickly build a novel deep leaning model for pathology to predict patient response with incredible accuracy.
— Ke Cheng, CEO Histowiz, Inc.